Railway Photography by Bob Lumley

Welcome to "Tracks Revisited"   The content found here encompasses some of the images that I have captured on the UK network since the 1960's. All pre 2005 dated material was scanned from 35mm, 6x7 or 645 film using various Epson scanners, there after using various digital DSLR's. Depending on the subject matter images will in time be moved to an appropriate loco class type or area specific gallery. Nowadays I just concentrate on getting an image I'm happy with, hence the gaps between updates. New scans will also appear from time to time . Pressing the F11 key on your keyboard will allow this site to fill your whole screen. Re-pressing the F11 key will return your screen to normal view. Click the respective Gallery to view its contents.  Galleries comprise pages of thumbnails down the L/H side of each page plus one enlarged image. Double clicking on the large image will fill the screen then see size ikon bottom R/H side of said page to select preferred image up to original viewing size.  All of the images contained here are the sole copyright of myself and should not copied, translated, reproduced or distributed in any format be it electronic or printed without my personal written agreement. I hope you enjoy the contents. See also foot of this page for links to some great sites of fellow photographers, all worth a view.

I can be contacted via the Contact me link bottom left of this page      Regards Bob

Point and click Links below to some of my fellow photographers great websites (apologies but some links to Flicker owner sites work

while other despite my efforts refuse to --sorry Phil and others

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